How to change the keyboard language on Samsung Galaxy A40

If you want to have multiple keyboard languages or need to change the keyboard language of your Samsung Galaxy A40, you can easily do so by following the steps given here.

By installing multiple keyboard languages, you'll be able to use the right language for each conversation and quickly switch between them with the touch of a button on your Galaxy A40's keyboard. This is especially useful if you have contacts who speak different languages or if you deal with multiple languages in your day-to-day life.

Having the right keyboard language for each conversation allows you to use autocorrect for the corresponding language, which helps avoid errors with autocomplete. For example, imagine you are writing to someone in English and then you need to switch to a conversation in Spanish; With keyboards set up correctly, you can do this smoothly and maintain accuracy in both languages.

In addition, this will allow you to write more correctly and professionally, since your Samsung keyboard will automatically recognize and correct the words in the language you are using at that moment.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

First of all, go to the settings of the Samsung Galaxy A40, it is the gear icon, it should be on the home screen or in the phone menu, you can access the main menu usually by dragging your finger from the bottom up from the screen.

Settings icon Android

2- Second step:

Go down through the screen and look for the "General management" section, this is the option with the icon of three horizontal lines, similar to a sound equalizer.

General management Samsung

3- Third step:

The first section that will appear is "Language and input", click to access. From this section you can change both the language of the texts displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A40 and the keyboard language.

Language and input Samsung

4- Fourth step:

Click on the "Samsung Keyboard settings" or "Keyboard Settings" section, depending on the keyboard you have installed or the version of the operating system.

Samsung Keyboard settings

5- Fifth step:

The first section that appears is "Languages and types" and just below it will appear the keyboard language currently installed on your Galaxy A40. Press to continue.

Languages and types Samsung

6- Sixth step:

Within "Languages and types" the keyboard languages installed on your Samsung Galaxy A40 will appear and below the "Manage input languages" button. Click on "Manage input languages" to add a new language.

Manage input languages Samsung

7- Seventh step:

You can search for the language you want to add or delete from the list of available languages or click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the language more quickly. Select the switch to add or remove the keyboard languages you want. When you're done, go back.

Add Keyboard language Samsung

8- Eighth step:

There are several methods to switch between languages on the keyboard. To select the method you want to use, click on "Language switching method".

Language switching method Samsung

9- Ninth step:

Several options will appear to switch between languages on the Samsung Galaxy A40 keyboard. My recommendation is to use "Language Key" as the space bar can cause problems and make an unwanted language change when typing a space.

Language key method Samsung

10- Ninth step:

You can now try your new keyboard language, open a document or conversation and display the Samsung Galaxy A40 keyboard.

If you have chosen the "Language Key" method, you will see a globe icon appear to the right of the space bar.

Click on this icon to switch between the keyboards you have installed.

If you have chosen the space bar method, slide your finger on the space bar to the right or left to switch between languages.

Switching keyboards Samsung

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