Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

How to find or track my iPhone 4s

Losing an Apple iPhone 4s can be a frustrating and stressful experience. Not only is it a cheap investment, but it also stores valuable information such as contacts, photos, and messages.

In this article, we will share some useful tips on how to locate your Apple iPhone 4s, protect your data and take steps in case you cannot recover it to prevent a stranger from accessing your data or selling the device.

To use Apple's "Find My" service, you must have configured this service on your Apple iPhone 4s before you lost it. During device setup for the first time, it asks if you want to activate it.

To locate your Apple device you can do it from any computer, phone or tablet of other brands accessing from the browser, for it follows the following steps:

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First method:

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

1- First step:

Access the from a computer, tablet or from another mobile device website and enter your username and password.

Sign in to iCloud

2- Second step:

Click on “Find my iPhone” or “Find my device”.

iCloud home screen

3- Third step:

If you have several Apple devices, you can see the location of all those that have the “Find My” service activated. Click on “All devices”, a list of your Apple devices will be displayed, among which you can find the Apple iPhone 4s, click on the image to see where it is located.

All devices

4- Fourth step:

A map will appear indicating the point where your iPhone 4s is if it is connected to the internet, otherwise in the location of the last time it was connected.

iCloud Map

5- Fifth step:

Click on the point where your iPhone 4s is located and then click on the information icon to display the available options.

Apple Find My options

6- Sixth step:

Once inside you can perform several actions, such as sounding the device at maximum volume even if it is silent or vibrating.

You can show a message on the Apple iPhone 4s screen so that the person who has found the device will contact you, a sound will sound to notify of that notification. You will be able to erase all the data of the device to maintain your privacy in case you can not recover the lost or stolen device.

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Find iPhone 4s from an iPad, Mac, or iPhone

There is also the possibility to search your Apple iPhone 4s from a Mac, iPad or iPhone through the “Find My iPhone” app, the steps are the same as from the browser, you must log in to your iCloud account, select the lost device and you can perform the actions of locating, sounding the device, mark as lost and deleting all your data.

To avoid losing your Apple iPhone 4s in the future, there are several steps you can take. One of the most effective is to activate the activation lock on your Apple iPhone 4s. This requires a code, a fingerprint or recognizing your face to unlock your device and access your data.

It's also a good idea to use a strong password for your Apple ID and enable two-factor authentication to protect your account.

What to do if I can't find my iPhone 4s or I didn't set up "Find My"?

Apple's "Find" service is the only method to find an Apple iPhone 4s remotely, so if you did not have it activated or you cannot locate it, change your Apple ID password and all the accounts you use on the Apple iPhone 4s such as email, bank applications or social networks to prevent someone from accessing your data from the Apple iPhone 4s.

If you can not recover your Apple iPhone 4s we recommend you file a report, for this you will need the purchase invoice.

Once the complaint is filed, you can contact your telecommunications company and block the device through IMEI so that it can not be used, this IMEI will be added to a blacklist of devices and if activated in any of the countries that respect this list Black will be communicated to the authorities and automatically blocked so that it can not be used.

Click here to see the instructions on how to obtain the IMEI code on an Apple iPhone 4s.

About the device:

Apple iPhone 4s is a mobile/cell phone with dimensions of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm (4.54 x 2.31 x 0.37 in), a weight of 140 grams, , a screen size of 3.5 inches (~54.0% screen-to-body ratio) and a screen resolution of 640 x 960 pixels (~330 ppi pixel density).

It has a processor Dual-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A9, a graphics card PowerVR SGX543MP2, a RAM memory 512 MB and an internal memory of 8 GB/16 GB/32 GB/64 GB.

The Apple iPhone 4s comes from the factory with the iOS 5| upgradable to iOS 9.3.5 operating system.

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