Instructions to locate Airis devices.

How to find an Airis device. Instructions to locate a lost or stolen Airis device and erase all personal content. Locating a mobile or cellular device can be useful in case of loss or theft, we give you the step-by-step instructions to find your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Search your device among the wide range of Airis devices available.

Airis TM45L Airis TM45L
Airis TM360 Airis TM360
Airis TM570 Airis TM570
Airis TM52Q Airis TM52Q
Airis S211 Airis S211
Airis GN135 Airis GN135
Airis TM485 Airis TM485
Airis TM60Q Airis TM60Q
Airis TM55S Airis TM55S
Airis TM51Q Airis TM51Q
Airis TM50QZ Airis TM50QZ
Airis TM50Q Airis TM50Q
Airis TM485M Airis TM485M
Airis TM475 Airis TM475
Airis TM45TM Airis TM45TM
Airis TM450 Airis TM450
Airis TM6SI Airis TM6SI
Airis TM60I Airis TM60I
Airis TM400 Airis TM400
Airis TM600 Airis TM600