Instructions for safely shutting down or force shutting down Celkon devices

How to safely shut down or force shut down a Celkon-branded device if it is unresponsive, screen broken or broken, without using the buttons or using only the buttons without swiping or using the screen.

Search for your device model and find the steps to turn it off, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, smart watch or activity bracelet.

Celkon Diamond Q4G Celkon Diamond Q4G
Celkon CT-910 Celkon CT-910
Celkon A1 Celkon A1
Celkon A99 Celkon A99
Celkon A88 Celkon A88
Celkon A99+ Celkon A99+
Celkon A90 Celkon A90
Celkon A95 Celkon A95
Celkon A97 Celkon A97
Celkon A19 Celkon A19
Celkon A97i Celkon A97i
Celkon CT 1 Celkon CT 1
Celkon A89 Celkon A89
Celkon CT 2 Celkon CT 2
Celkon A22 Celkon A22
Celkon A85 Celkon A85
Celkon A900 Celkon A900
Celkon A200 Celkon A200
Celkon CT 9 Celkon CT 9
Celkon A77 Celkon A77