Instructions for safely shutting down or force shutting down Gionee devices

How to safely shut down or force shut down a Gionee-branded device if it is unresponsive, screen broken or broken, without using the buttons or using only the buttons without swiping or using the screen.

Search for your device model and find the steps to turn it off, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, smart watch or activity bracelet.

Gionee f106l Gionee f106l
Gionee F100L Gionee F100L
Gionee G13 Pro Gionee G13 Pro
Gionee S10L Gionee S10L
Gionee M15 Gionee M15
Gionee F60 Gionee F60
Gionee M3 Gionee M3
Gionee P15 Pro Gionee P15 Pro
Gionee Max Pro Gionee Max Pro
Gionee K30 Pro Gionee K30 Pro
Gionee M12 Gionee M12
Gionee M30 Gionee M30
Gionee S12 Gionee S12
Gionee P12 Gionee P12
Gionee K3 Pro Gionee K3 Pro
Gionee Max Gionee Max
Gionee S12 Lite Gionee S12 Lite
Gionee K6 Gionee K6
Gionee F9 Gionee F9
Gionee K3 Gionee K3