Here you can find instructions to scan QR codes on Feiteng devices

How to read QR codes on Feiteng devices step-by-step, instructions to download and install apps to scan QR codes on Feiteng brand devices. Search your device among the extensive Feiteng catalog available.

Feiteng GT-I93000 Feiteng GT-I93000
Feiteng GT-I9300 Feiteng GT-I9300
Feiteng SPRD-GT-A7100 Feiteng SPRD-GT-A7100
Feiteng H9503 Feiteng H9503
Feiteng H9500S Feiteng H9500S
Feiteng H9500 Feiteng H9500
Feiteng H7100 Feiteng H7100
Feiteng N9300 plus Feiteng N9300 plus
Feiteng H830 Feiteng H830
Feiteng GT-N9300 Feiteng GT-N9300