Here you can find instructions to record screen on devices Assistant

How to record screen on Assistant devices step-by-step, instructions for capturing the screen on video on devices of the Assistant brand. Search for your device among the wide catalog of 12 devices available from the Assistant brand.

Assistant AS-501 Club Assistant AS-501 Club
Assistant AS-502 Shot Assistant AS-502 Shot
Assistant AS-503 Target Assistant AS-503 Target
Assistant AP-108G Cetus Assistant AP-108G Cetus
Assistant AS-401L Asper Assistant AS-401L Asper
Assistant AS-5435 Shine Assistant AS-5435 Shine
Assistant AS-5434 Club Assistant AS-5434 Club
Assistant AS-601L Pro Assistant AS-601L Pro
Assistant AS-5411 max Ritm Assistant AS-5411 max Ritm
Assistant AS-5412 max Assistant AS-5412 max
Assistant AS-5436 Grid Assistant AS-5436 Grid
Assistant AS-5421 Surf Assistant AS-5421 Surf