Instructions to take screenshots, make screenshots or save screen on Bitel devices.

How to capture the screen on a Bitel device, make a screenshot, print screen, screengrab or take a screenshot. Instructions to capture the screen and save the image to a Bitel device.

Making a screenshot in a Bitel is very simple, find your model among the 25 available devices and find a way to make the screenshot step-by-step.

Taking a screenshot or screenshot is very useful for sharing the capture of a WhatsApp conversation, an Instagram story or an image you've seen on Facebook.

Bitel B8604 Bitel B8604
Bitel B9504 Bitel B9504
Bitel B8403 Bitel B8403
Bitel B8409 Bitel B8409
Bitel B8502 Bitel B8502
Bitel B8401 Bitel B8401
Bitel S8501 Bitel S8501
Bitel B9501 Bitel B9501
Bitel B8405 Bitel B8405
Bitel B8603 Bitel B8603
Bitel B8602 Bitel B8602
Bitel B8601 Bitel B8601
Bitel B8504 Bitel B8504
Bitel B8407 Bitel B8407
Bitel B8416 Bitel B8416
Bitel B8415 Bitel B8415
Bitel B8413 Bitel B8413
Bitel B8411 Bitel B8411
Bitel B8410 Bitel B8410
Bitel B8406 Bitel B8406