Instructions to take screenshots, make screenshots, record screen or save screen on Bmobile devices.

How to capture the screen on a Bmobile device, make a screenshot, print screen or take a screenshot. Instructions to capture the screen and save the image to a Bmobile device.
Making a screenshot in a Bmobile is very simple, find your model among the 57 available devices and find a way to make the screenshot step-by-step. Taking a screenshot or screenshot is very useful for sharing the capture of a WhatsApp conversation, an Instagram story or an image you've seen on Facebook.

Bmobile AX690 Bmobile AX690
Bmobile AX680 Bmobile AX680
Bmobile AX1050 Bmobile AX1050
Bmobile AX535 Bmobile AX535
Bmobile AX730 Bmobile AX730
Bmobile AX605 Bmobile AX605
Bmobile AX630 Bmobile AX630
Bmobile AX685 Bmobile AX685
Bmobile AX800 Bmobile AX800
Bmobile AX810 Bmobile AX810
Bmobile AX1015 Bmobile AX1015
Bmobile AX1045 Bmobile AX1045
Bmobile AX525 Bmobile AX525
Bmobile AX530 Bmobile AX530
Bmobile AX610 Bmobile AX610
Bmobile AX660 Bmobile AX660
Bmobile AX670 Bmobile AX670
Bmobile AX680 Plus Bmobile AX680 Plus
Bmobile AX700 Bmobile AX700
Bmobile AX730 Bmobile AX730