At you can find instructions for sharing location on Cubot devices

How to share my location with Cubot devices step-by-step, instructions to send my location from WhatsApp, SMS, email or iMessage on Cubot brand devices. Search your device among the wide range of Cubot devices available.

Cubot Note S Cubot Note S
Cubot J3 Pro Cubot J3 Pro
Cubot Nova Cubot Nova
Cubot GT72 Cubot GT72
Cubot X18 Plus Cubot X18 Plus
Cubot Dinosaur Cubot Dinosaur
Cubot KingKong 7 Cubot KingKong 7
Cubot P9 Cubot P9
Cubot Max 2 Cubot Max 2
Cubot S222 Cubot S222
Cubot GT90 Cubot GT90
Cubot Quest Cubot Quest
Cubot S600 Cubot S600
Cubot Quest Lite Cubot Quest Lite
Cubot GT95 Cubot GT95
Cubot Cheetah 2 Cubot Cheetah 2
Cubot X19 S Cubot X19 S
Cubot GT88 Cubot GT88
Cubot Z100 Pro Cubot Z100 Pro
Cubot S308 Cubot S308