Qmobile 4G Plus

Qmobile 4G Plus

How to see the serial number on Qmobile 4G Plus

First method:

All Qmobile-brand electronic devices have a way to see their serial number in the system settings.

The serial number is a unique number defined by each manufacturer and therefore each can follow its own numeric or alphanumeric system.

We provide you with the instructions to be able to see the serial number on an Qmobile 4G Plus and thus be able to check if it is a fake, check if it is still under warranty or know its date of manufacture.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

Press the "OK" button or the up direction button (depending on the device model) on your Qmobile 4G Plus to open the main menu.

KaiOS menu button

2- Second step:

Using the directional buttons move through the menu until you select the "Settings" icon, it's a gear icon. Press the middle button to continue.

KaiOS settings

3- Third step:

Using the direction buttons, move to the right until you find the section called "Device" and press the central button or "OK" button.

KaiOS device Information

4- Fourth step:

All the information of the Qmobile 4G Plus will appear, scroll down to see the version of the operating system, model, SEID, MAC address and the data we are looking for: the serial number.

KaiOS Serial Number

Second method:

You can look at the back of your Qmobile 4G Plus, some manufacturers include the serial number on the back of the device in the format: S/N: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Do you keep the box of your Qmobile 4G Plus? In this case you will find the serial number, model number and IMEI/MEID code in the barcode on the back of the box.

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