How to find the serial number on Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

How to find the serial number on Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

All Xiaomi-brand electronic devices have a way to see their serial number in the system settings.

The serial number is a unique number defined by each manufacturer and therefore each can follow its own numeric or alphanumeric system.

We provide you with the instructions to be able to see the serial number on an Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus and thus be able to check if it is a fake, check if it is still under warranty or know its date of manufacture.

Table of Contents:

First method:

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

We access the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus settings, it should appear on the home screen, if you can't find it, slide to the left or up to find the icon of a gear wheel. Click to access.

Settings icon Android

2- Second step:

Once inside the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus settings, the first section that appears is “About phone”, click on this section to see the device data.

About phone Xiaomi

3- Third step:

In this section we can see the basic information about the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus such as the operating system version, storage space and device name.

At the bottom of the screen the “All specs” section appears; click on this section to continue.

All specs Xiaomi

4- Fourth step:

Within the “All specs” section we will see more information about the Mi 6 Plus such as RAM, CPU, model number but the serial number is even more hidden, to find it, scroll down to the bottom of this section and click about “Status”.

Status Xiaomi

5- Fifth step:

Within the “Status” section we will see other data such as the IMEI number or the phone number of the SIM card, we look for a section called “Model & hardware” and click to continue.

Model and hardware

6- Sixth step:

Within “Model & hardware” two pieces of information will appear: the model name of the Mi 6 Plus and the information we are looking for: its serial number.

Serial number

If you do not have access to the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, either because it is locked or because you have lost it or it has been stolen and you have not been able to see the serial number with this method read on to see the other options available to you.

Second method:

You can look at the back of your Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, some manufacturers include the serial number on the back of the device in the format: S/N: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Do you keep the box of your Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus? In this case you will find the serial number, model number and IMEI/MEID code in the barcode on the back of the box.

Third method:

A third very simple method to see the serial number of your Mi 6 Plus is the same as to obtain the IMEI code; Dial the sequence *#06# on the calling application keypad.

When you dial *#06#, your Mi 6 Plus will show you the serial number on the screen, making it easy to access without having to navigate through settings or look for labels on the device box. This feature is especially useful in situations where you need to provide the serial number quickly, such as when contacting technical support or when reporting theft to authorities.

Remember that it is important to keep the serial number in a safe place or write it down, as it may be necessary in various circumstances. With this simple shortcut, you can access this vital information in seconds.

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