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How to make video calls with an Alcatel 3078?

Make video calls with your Alcatel 3078 it's very useful to keep in touch with family members and friends who are far away or to have work meetings nowadays since teleworking is increasingly popular or for situations of confinement at home for reasons of public health in addition to keeping a virtual date before meeting in person.

On an Alcatel 3078 you can make video calls comfortably thanks to its screen TFT-TN of 2.4 inches and resolution of 240x320 pixels.

There are currently two applications for your Alcatel 3078 to make videochat or videotelephony one by one or quality group video calls, we indicate some of these apps to install on your 3078 in its internal memory 512 MB to be in contact through video calls, all the applications shown below are free and therefore allow you to make calls and video calls completely free from your mobile/cell phone:

Google Meet

Open the application store “KaiOS Store” of your Alcatel 3078, in the “Social” section search for Google Duo, click on “Install”, once the installation is complete, click on “Open”. You must have a Google account to use it, in your KaiOS (2.5) You must already have your Google account configured so you must log in immediately without problems, in the case of not having an account you can create it in a few minutes.

Google Meet

Just open Meet on your 3078, it will ask you for access to the contacts of the Alcatel and permissions to access the camera and microphone, click “allow” to make video calls. It may ask for access to the location, your Alcatel 3078 has GPS Yes, although it is not necessary to grant this access to make the video call, you can click on “Deny”. It will ask you to enter your phone number, it is necessary to be able to contact other users and make the video call, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that you must enter in Google Meet in order to continue.

You will see a very simple but perhaps a little confusing interface, to make a call you must search for a contact by name or phone number, if you cannot find it, it is because that user does not have the Google Meet application installed on their device, you can send them an invitation from the “Invite friends” button.

To make a group video call you must first create a group, click on “Create group”, the group will appear on the home screen, click on the group and then click on “start”.

Once a video call has started, it is not possible to add users to the call, you must first create the group.

One of the advantages of Meet is the possibility of making video calls from almost any device that has a camera, microphone and internet connection. (the 3078 has a connection 802.11b/g/n (2,4 GHz)) since it has an app for iOS, Android, and it is also possible to access it through its website from a laptop, desktop PC or a Smart Display such as Google Nest Hub Max.

Download Google Meet from the KaiOS Store


WhatsApp is by far the most widely used application currently to make video calls between friends and family due to its popularity, since practically everyone has a WhatsApp account.

The first thing you must have installed WhatsApp on your Alcatel 3078, if you have not already done so click on the following link to see the instructions and then come back here. Install WhatsApp on Alcatel 3078

To start a video call on WhatsApp in a 3078 whether it is a group video call or two people, you must first start the video call with a contact from your phonebook, search for the contact and open a chat with it, in the upper right part of the screen there is a video camera icon click on the and the call will start.

Video calls on WhatsApp

Once the video call has started, you can add more users by pressing the + button located in the upper right of the screen of the 3078, search for the user and add them to the conversation.

In an existing group you can also make a video call to all the members of the group, for this click on the phone icon in the upper right and select video call, the video call will be made to all the contacts of that group.

In WhatsApp video calls you can choose between the selfie camera video and the rear camera 1.3 MP of the 3078.

Download WhatsApp from the KaiOS Store

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