Here you can find instructions to make video calls on Condor devices

How to make video calls on Condor devices step-by-step, instructions for downloading and installing video conferencing applications on Condor devices. Search your device among the wide range of Condor devices available.

Condor PGN-508 Condor PGN-508
Condor PHQ525 Condor PHQ525
Condor PAM524 Condor PAM524
Condor PHQ520 Condor PHQ520
Condor PHQ519 Condor PHQ519
Condor Allure M2 Condor Allure M2
Condor Allure M1 Condor Allure M1
Condor PGN611 Condor PGN611
Condor PGN607 Condor PGN607
Condor PGN528 Condor PGN528
Condor Allure X Condor Allure X
Condor Plume L4 Condor Plume L4
Condor Griffe T7 Condor Griffe T7
Condor Plume L3 Condor Plume L3
Condor SP414 Condor SP414
Condor SP413 Condor SP413
Condor PGN-505 Condor PGN-505
Condor PKT-301 Condor PKT-301
Condor PGN-403 Condor PGN-403
Condor PAM412 Condor PAM412