Here you can find instructions to make video calls on E&L devices

How to make video calls on E&L devices step by step, instructions for downloading and installing video conferencing applications on E&L devices. Search your device among the wide range of E&L devices available.

E&L D57 E&L D57
E&L Y55 E&L Y55
E&L Y50 E&L Y50
E&L S30 E&L S30
E&L W9 E&L W9
E&L W8 E&L W8
E&L W7 E&L W7
E&L W5 E&L W5
E&L D63 E&L D63
E&L D62 E&L D62
E&L D58 E&L D58
E&L 6P E&L 6P
E&L 6C E&L 6C
E&L S60X E&L S60X
E&L K20 E&L K20
E&L Y10 E&L Y10
E&L Y30 E&L Y30
E&L S70 E&L S70
E&L S60 E&L S60