Block a phone number on Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Whether you receive advertising calls or unwanted text messages, or want to stop receiving calls from a known contact, you can easily do it from your Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Your iPhone 14 Pro has the possibility of blocking incoming calls from the phone numbers you choose, you just have to mark them as blocked.

In this guide you will learn how to block contacts or phone numbers so that you never receive their calls or text messages again.

If, on the other hand, you have blocked a contact on your Apple iPhone 14 Pro and you want to unblock it, you will also learn how to do it through this guide in a few steps and without having to install any application.

Table of Contents:

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

This guide has a total of 5 steps.

1- First step:

To block or mark a phone number or telephone contact as spam on the iPhone 14 Pro, the first thing we will do is access the calling application, normally the icon is usually located in the fixed application bar at the bottom of the screen. This is the icon of an old telephone on a green background.

iPhone call app icon

2- Second step:

You can block a phone number even if it is not saved as a contact, or if you prefer, save that number in your contacts and later block it.

Look for the phone number in the “Recent” or “Contacts” section, click on the information icon to the right of the phone number or contact to see the available options.

Telephone number information iOS

3- Third step:

Within the details of the phone number or contact saved on the iPhone 14 Pro, scroll down to the bottom until you find the “Block this caller” button.

Press to block the phone number or contact.

Block this contact iOS

4- Fourth step:

A confirmation message will appear to avoid blocking or marking as spam a phone number on your iPhone 14 Pro by mistake.

Press “Block Contact” to finish.

Confirm block contact iOS

5- Fourth step:

If you want to unblock the phone number or contact, click on “Unblock this caller”, remember that it will be unlocked not only on this iPhone 14 Pro but on all the devices linked to your iCloud account.

Unblock this contact iOS

A tip: you can create a contact called “Spam” or “Unwanted” and add all the phone numbers you want to block.

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Block unknown and private numbers

If what you need is to block all unknown, hidden or private numbers, Apple has added a functionality to block all calls and text messages that come from those numbers not saved on your Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

Follow the following steps to configure it:

1- First step:

Open the iPhone 14 Pro settings, this is the gear icon that you will find on the device's home screen.

Settings icon iOS

2- Second step:

Go down through the iPhone 14 Pro settings until you find the section called "Phone", you must go down quite a bit since it is in the list of applications within the settings.

Phone options iPhone

3- Third step:

Go down again through the iPhone 14 Pro phone settings until you find the "Silence Unknown Callers" section. If it appears as "Off", click on this setting to change it.

Silence Unknown Callers

4- Fourth step:

Activate the "Silence Unknown Callers" switch to activate this functionality, you should know that calls from unknown numbers will only be silenced, sent to voicemail and appear in the list of recent calls.

Activate Silence Unknown Callers

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