How to share the Wi-Fi password from an Apple iPhone 14 Pro without typing it

How to share the Wi-Fi password from an Apple iPhone 14 Pro without typing it

In Apple devices such as the Apple iPhone 14 Pro it is possible to share the password and configuration of the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected through AirDrop with other Apple devices, to share the password from an iPhone 14 Pro to an Android, you must install an application from the App Store, which if you can read the QR code of the Wifi password from the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

In the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, unlike in Android devices, the Wi-Fi network password is not shared by means of a QR code, but rather it is done wirelessly by bringing both devices closer together.

Follow the steps below to instantly share your home or workplace Wi-Fi password with another Apple device user.

Table of Contents:

Estimated time: 1 minutes.

1- First step:

First of all, your iPhone 14 Pro must be connected to the Wi-Fi network that you want to share, in addition, both your Apple iPhone 14 Pro and the other device that wants to connect to the Wi-Fi network must have Bluetooth activated and remain nearby.

Another aspect to take into account is that the Wi-Fi network must be visible, that is, it cannot have the SSID hidden.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone connection

2- Second step:

The second step is to search for the Wi-Fi network from the other device that wants to connect, for this we go to Settings / Wi-Fi and activate the Wi-Fi connection. The list of available networks will appear, select the network you want to connect to from the other Apple device.

IPhone Wi-Fi networks

3- Third step:

On your Apple iPhone 14 Pro a message will appear asking if you want to share the password for the Wi-Fi network with the other device and the name of the device will appear. Press "Share Password" to continue.

Share Wi-Fi password iPhone

4- Fourth step:

In an instant the password will have been shared from your Apple iPhone 14 Pro with the other device and you can start using the Wi-Fi connection. Press "Done" to finish.

Shared Wi-Fi password iPhone

Final notes

You already have the Wi-Fi network configuration configured and ready on the other Apple device that you want to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

If your Apple iPhone 14 Pro shows an error when trying to share the password, it may be because both devices do not have the same version of the operating system and it is necessary to update. Check the following tutorial if you want to know how to update your iPhone 14 Pro.

How to show the Wi-Fi network password from iPhone 14 Pro?

If what you want is to see the password to enter it on a television, a Windows computer, an Android phone or any other device that is not Apple brand and, therefore, does not have the password sharing system through AirDrop of Apple, you can see the password of a WiFi network saved on your iPhone 14 Pro by following these steps:

1- First step: As we have done before, we open the iPhone 14 Pro settings and then access the Wi-Fi settings of this device.

2- Second step: Find the Wi-Fi network you need to connect to and that you already have saved on your iPhone 14 Pro. To the right, an information icon will appear in a circle. Click on this icon to access the Wi-Fi network details.

3- Third step: You will see the details of this Wi-Fi network. In a section called “Password”, to the right, several asterisks will be displayed, one asterisk for each character of the password. Click on the asterisks to reveal the password for this Wi-Fi network.

4- Fourth step: By clicking on the asterisks of the password, you will need to confirm your identity using FaceID, TouchID or the access code to the iPhone 14 Pro. In addition to showing the password, the “Copy” and “Read” options will appear. Using “Copy”, you can copy the password to, for example, paste it into another application on the iPhone 14 Pro. On the other hand, the “Read” option will play a voice reading the password. We do not recommend this option, as it reads characters very quickly and often, which does not allow enough time to write it on another device.

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