How to update iPhone

How to update iPhone

Keeping your iPhone up to date is very important and useful for security, privacy, and performance reasons. Apple releases updates frequently, some are minor updates and from time to time releases a major update with a software version change.

Apple is the only manufacturer of mobile devices that continues to update the software of its old products, some with more than 5 years continue to receive updates.

Before updating, charge your iPhone battery to at least 50% and have the SIM card code at hand as it will be requested at the end of the process.

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Step 1 We go to the iPhone settings, it is the gear icon that you will find on the device's home screen. How to update iPhone Step 1

Step 2 We go down through the iPhone settings until we find the "General" section and click to access. In the case of having a pending update or an adjustment to review, a notification will appear with a red circle as it appears in the following image: How to update iPhone Step 2

Step 3 Within the general settings, in second position we will see the section "Software update", this is the option we are looking for, in the event that we have a pending update, a red circle will appear on the right as in the image. We press to continue. How to update iPhone Step 3

Step 4 If there is any pending update to download, the text "Download and install" or simply "Install" will appear. Click to continue. How to update iPhone Step 4

Step 5 It will ask us for the iPhone unlock code, we enter it to confirm the installation of the software update. How to update iPhone Step 5

Step 6 The download of the update may take several minutes or hours depending on the connection speed and the availability of Apple servers, if there are a large number of users downloading an update it may be slower. We can continue using our iPhone while the update is downloading and it will ask us for confirmation before continuing with the installation. How to update iPhone Step 6

Step 7 Once the download is complete, the system will notify us with a message on the iPhone screen, we can postpone the update to be done later or overnight to be able to continue using our device in the meantime. If we want to start the installation, click on "Install now" How to update iPhone Step 7

Step 8 The iPhone will check for the update for added security and begin the update. At this time we recommend keeping the iPhone connected to the charger and to the power to avoid draining the battery in the middle of the process. This process does not usually take more than a few minutes and during it the screen will turn off to restart the device. Once it has been completed, it will ask us for the unlocking code and the PIN code of the SIM card. How to update iPhone Step 8

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