Edit Control Centre on iPhone and iPad

Edit Control Centre on iPhone and iPad

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The iPhone and iPad Control Centre is a very useful feature that provides immediate access to several essential functions and settings of the device, facilitating its daily use. This feature is especially valuable in situations where speed and efficiency are required, such as quickly adjusting the volume or activating Do Not Disturb mode during a meeting.

To access Control Centre, iPhone users with Face ID and iPad simply swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. However, on iPhone models with a home button, access is done by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Once opened, the Control Centre offers quick access to a variety of controls and applications that you use every day. These include airplane, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes, which allow you to quickly manage your device's connections. It also offers easy control of brightness and volume, which is useful in different lighting and sound environments. For music lovers, it provides an easy way to control audio playback without opening the music app.

Other accessible features include Do Not Disturb mode, which is crucial for avoiding interruptions during work or rest, and Screen Orientation Lock, which is especially useful when reading or watching videos. Additionally, the Control Centre provides quick access to tools such as the flashlight, calculator, and camera, as well as other frequently used applications or functions. For those using smart home devices, Control Centre also offers controls for HomeKit and other connected devices, as long as they are configured.

The most notable thing about the Control Centre is its customization capacity. Users can tailor it to their individual needs and preferences through iPhone settings. This means you can add or remove controls depending on what you use most.

Estimated time: 10 minutes.

Step 1:

We open the iPhone or iPad Settings, it is the gear icon that you will find on the device's home screen.

iPhone Settings

Step 2:

Go down through the iPhone or iPad settings until you find the section called “Control Centre”, click on this section to access.

Control centre

Step 3:

You will see a section called “Included controls”, below will appear the list of icons that are currently in the control center.

Included controls iPhone

Step 4:

You can remove the icons that you do not use by clicking on the red circle icon to the left of each control.

Remove an icon from Control Centre

Step 5:

When you click on the red icon to delete a control, another “Delete” button will appear on the right. Click on this button to confirm the deletion of the control. This prevents you from deleting a control by mistake.

Delete an icon from Control Center

Step 6:

Below you will find the “More controls” section where the controls that you have available to add to the control panel will appear.

More controls

Step 7:

By pressing the green button with the + symbol the control will automatically go to the end of the list above.

Add control

Step 8:

You can change the order in which controls appear by holding down the three horizontal lines that appear to the right of each control. Press and hold while moving the control up or down.

Move control center icon

Once you have added or removed all the controls you need, you can go back or exit the settings and start testing these controls by sliding your finger down from the top right of the screen.

Extra tip:

For greater security, you can prevent the control centre from being displayed with the iPhone locked.

Why prevent the control centre from being displayed with the iPhone locked?

Recently, a method has been published that thieves can use to activate airplane mode right after stealing an iPhone. It is a problem for someone else to activate airplane mode without entering the unlock code, or without using TouchID to verify the fingerprint, or FaceID to identify the owner.

When you activate airplane mode, it will not be possible to make calls for the iPhone to ring, nor locate it via the internet. Therefore, it is recommended to activate this setting. Although we must admit that it is a bit annoying, since it requires us to enter the code, or recognize our face or fingerprint, every time we want to open the control centre. Additionally, there are times when we have our face covered, or we use the iPhone at an angle that is not pointed at our face.

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