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How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on Asus smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset Asus devices, get IMEI code or find a lost or stolen Asus, install WhatsApp, configure email, technical features and instructions to delete the Google account on your Asus.

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company, recognized for its wide range of technological products. In the field of mobile devices, ASUS has established a strong reputation primarily through its smartphones, tablets and related accessories.

In the smartphone sector, ASUS is especially known for its ZenFone series, which offers a combination of performance, design and value. These phones feature advanced technical specifications, including high-quality cameras, powerful processors, and long-lasting batteries. ASUS has also entered the gaming market with its ROG Phone series, aimed at video game fans, offering specialized features such as advanced cooling systems, high refresh rate screens and gaming accessories.

As for tablets, ASUS has launched several models that adapt to different needs and budgets, from more affordable options to high-end devices.