How to read QR codes on an Apple iPhone 4?

First of all, we must be clear that it is a QR code. QR codes are codes that contain information that can be read by a camera, QR codes are two-dimensional, that is, it is necessary for the Apple iPhone 4 camera to read both the width and the height of the QR code and can contain more information than a barcode (one-dimensional).

QR codes are often used to open a web address from a mobile device such as the Apple iPhone 4 using its 5 MP| f/2.8| autofocus| LED flash| camera or if used with a specific application, it can offer information about a product, service or serve to authenticate a user.

In the iPhone 4 you can read or scan QR codes without having to download any application since the code reader is included in the software of the camera.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

To read or capture a QR code on your Apple iPhone 4 we use the app “Camera” that is included, from the home screen we look for the icon of a camera and open the application.

Camera app iPhone 4

2- Second step:

From the Apple iPhone 4 camera application, we make sure that we are using the 5 MP| f/2.8| autofocus| LED flash| rear camera and point it at the QR code that we want to read trying to make it appear correctly focused and content within the yellow square or at least within the viewing space , that is, we cannot bring the camera too close to avoid the code being cut off.

The QR code must be able to be seen in its entirety on the screen of the Apple iPhone 4, the code does not have up or down, so it does not matter from which angle we approach it.

Capture QR code iPhone 4

3- Third step:

From the top of the screen of the Apple iPhone 4 a notification will appear indicating that it has read the content of the QR code and will offer us an action to perform, most QR codes contain a web address so it will offer us to open “Safari” or the web browser that we have defined by default on our iPhone 4.
We click on the notification to open the web page or execute the action.

Open QR code iPhone 4

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With these simple steps we have learned to read QR codes from our Apple iPhone 4. Most QR codes are used to open websites, either to see the menu of a restaurant or to access a discount code or offer.

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