Screenshot in Alcatel 3078

How to take screenshot or screen capture in an 3078

An essential feature of modern mobile phones and tablets is the ability to take screenshots, or capture an image of what is currently displayed on the screen of your Alcatel 3078.

While there are apps that can perform this function, you don't need to install any additional apps as it is already included in the KaiOS (2.5) operating system.

When you take a screenshot, you can save a WhatsApp conversation, Tinder message, Instagram story, Facebook photo, or video frame in the memory of your Alcatel device.

If you want to make a screenshot to your Alcatel 3078 you have to follow these simple steps:

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

To take a screenshot on your Alcatel 3078 press the asterisk “*” and hash “#” buttons at the same time. You should hear the sound of a photo and a flash on the screen.

Screenshot with KaiOS buttons

2- Second step:

If your Alcatel 3078 has volume buttons on the side, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. As in the previous step we will hear a click and a flash will appear on the screen.

Screenshot with KaiOS volume buttons

3- Third step:

A message will appear in the notification bar indicating that the screenshot has been taken. If the Alcatel 3078 has a touch screen, you can click on the notification to open the screenshot. Screenshot taken KaiOS

4- Fourth step:

You can see the screenshot taken on the Alcatel 3078 from the image gallery. Press the center button or the up button to access the device menu.

KaiOS Gallery

About the device:

Alcatel 3078 is a mobile/cell phone with dimensions of 122 x 51 x 14 mm, a weight of 63 grams, a screen size of 2.4 inches and a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels.

It has a processor 1.3 GHz, 2 x Cortex-A7 , a graphics card Mali-400 MP1, a RAM memory 256 MB and an internal memory of 512 MB .

The Alcatel 3078 comes from the factory with the KaiOS (2.5) operating system.

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