Change language to Xiaomi Redmi 3

If your Xiaomi Redmi 3 is set to a language other than the one you typically use, whether it be due to purchasing it imported, second-hand, or accidentally changing the language settings, you can easily change it back by following these steps.

Changing the language of your Redmi 3 back to English from any other language is very simple, if you do not understand the text that appears on the screen you can follow these instructions through the images since the menus are in the same position regardless of the language installed on the Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Please note that changing the language on your Xiaomi may also change the language of certain apps and system features. Additionally, changing the language may also change the keyboard layout and formatting of dates and numbers.

Table of Contents:

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

1- First step:

First we go to the settings of the Xiaomi Redmi 3, it is the icon of the cogwheel, it must be on the home screen or in the menu of the phone, you can access the main menu usually by dragging your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Settings icon Android

2- Second step:

Look for the Additional settings, section, it is the gray icon with three ellipses.

Additional settings Xiaomi

3- Third step:

Click on “Languages & input”. From this section you can change the language of the texts displayed on the Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Languages & input Android

4- Fourth step:

Click on “Languages”, this is the first option at the top of the Xiaomi Redmi 3 screen, on the right the language currently installed on the device will appear.

Languages menu Android

5- Fifth step:

A list will appear with the languages that you can install on the Xiaomi, scroll down until you find the language you want to add to your device and click on its name.

Language list Xiaomi

6- Sixth step:

A confirmation message will appear to change to the new language, press "OK" to finish the installation of the new language.

Confirm language change Xiaomi

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I cannot find the language I need on my Xiaomi Redmi 3

If you cannot find the language you need in the list of available languages on the Xiaomi Redmi 3, there are some options you might consider:

1. Search for system updates: Sometimes, manufacturers add support for more languages with software updates. Check if there is an update available for your Redmi 3.

2. Install a keyboard in the desired language: If what you need is to write in a specific language, you can install a keyboard in that language. On Android, there are many options available to download from Google Play or other app stores like MoleLocale 2.

3. Change the ROM: On some Android devices, it is possible to change the ROM (the system software) for a version that includes more languages. This is more advanced and may void the device's warranty, so do it with caution and only if you are sure of what you are doing.

4. Contact the manufacturer or Xiaomi technical support: Sometimes, the manufacturer's technical support can offer specific solutions for your phone model.

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