Cast to TV from Meta Quest 1, 2, and Pro

Cast to TV from Meta Quest 1, 2, and Pro

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Retransmitting or duplicating the screen of virtual reality glasses such as the Meta Oculus Quest, Quest 2 or Quest Pro to the screen of a television, computer or mobile phone is possible allowing other people to see in real time what the person sees who wears virtual reality glasses, yes, on a flat screen without the immersion that virtual reality provides.

One of the main drawbacks of virtual reality glasses to use with more people is that only the person wearing the glasses can know what is happening in the video game or application that is running in the Meta Quest and it can be boring for the rest.

By making a transmission to another screen, the rest of the people can see the same thing that is seen in the virtual reality glasses and actively participate in the video game, or simply learn to play by watching how another person plays in real time.

In addition, this very interesting functionality can be done without the need for cables, simply by connecting the Meta Quest to the same Wi-Fi network as the screen where the images are going to be transmitted and all in real time and with hardly any delay or affect performance.

In order to transmit to a television, it must be compatible with Chromecast, that is, it has Chromecast built-in or it has a Chromecast connected to the HDMI port, unfortunately other HDMI sticks such as Fire TV or Apple TV still do not support this technology, but you can mirror the screen with the method indicated at the end of this article.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step 1:

Locate the "Oculus" button on your right-hand controller, it's the flat button on the bottom right of the controller with the Oculus "O" symbol on it. Tap to open the Oculus main menu.

Right controller Meta Quest 2

Step 2:

In the bottom menu that appears on the screen, look for the share button icon, it is a pink icon with an arrow to the right. Click on the icon using the trigger of any of the two controllers.

Meta Quest share button

Step 3:

Press "Cast" to see the options offered by the Meta Quest interface to reproduce the image you see in your virtual reality glasses on a television, mobile phone or computer.

Transmit button Meta Quest

Step 4:

A list of available devices will appear where to broadcast the Meta Quest video, the transmission can be made to a mobile phone that has the Meta Quest application installed, a web browser from a computer or a Chromecast device.

Cast to TV Meta Quest

Step 5:

Press continue and the image shown in the Meta Quest will appear duplicated on the screen you have chosen, you will then see a red dot in the upper right corner of the screen of the virtual reality glasses indicating that everything you see will be is streaming to another device, this is a security measure to prevent an app from streaming the image without the user's knowledge.

Transmit Image Meta Quest

How to mirror the Meta Quest screen if my TV does not have Chromecast?

There is another solution if you want to mirror the Meta Quest screen on a TV that does not have Chromecast.

This is a less convenient solution since it involves transmitting the image from the virtual reality glasses to a mobile phone or tablet and from there duplicating the screen with the television, the drawbacks can be the loss of image quality and latency, it is that is, the delay in displaying the images on the television screen.

If you have an iPhone or iPad and a TV with AirPlay technology, first broadcast to iPhone or iPad with the steps described above, and then you can mirror the entire screen to the TV using AirPlay.

If you have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system, you will need a screen mirroring application, please search the Play Store or the application store that uses “Screen Mirroring” or “Miracast” and install an application that has good ratings and many downloads.

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