How to take a screenshot on PlayStation 5

How to take a screenshot on PlayStation 5

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On many occasions, as players, we find ourselves in situations where we would like to immortalize a special moment that we are experiencing on our PlayStation 5. Whether due to the desire to share that moment with friends on social networks, or the need to export that image to an external memory for later editing on a computer or mobile device, the screenshot function becomes an essential tool.

This functionality allows us to save everything that appears on our television screen in a high-quality image. The reasons for wanting to do so are varied: it can be the pride of having achieved a difficult achievement in a game, the surprise of finding an unexpected programming error, the discovery of a curiosity or a hidden object in the game that we want to share with the community. or simply keep for our own future reference.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain limitations when taking screenshots. For privacy and security reasons, capturing screens where personal data, such as passwords or sensitive information, is displayed or entered is not allowed. Additionally, for copyright reasons, some specific apps, videos, or games may restrict this feature. In these cases, the PS5 typically displays a message at the beginning and end of restricted content, informing the user that screenshots are not possible in that particular segment.

In this guide we will explain how to configure screenshots and later how to take screenshots immediately without pausing the game with just the press of a button.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step 1:

We are going to start by configuring the screenshot of your PlayStation 5, to do this the first thing is to press the “Share” button or share button on the DualSense controller once. This is the button located to the left of the trackpad, just to the right of the direction buttons. The game will pause and display a menu at the bottom of the screen.

PS5 DualSense controller

Step 2:

Use the direction buttons on the PS5 DualSense controller to move through the menu until you reach the settings icon on the right side of the screen, this is the icon that appears marked with a red circle in the following image, press “ X” to open it.

Screenshot settings on PlayStation 5

Step 3:

The screenshot and video capture settings menu will appear. Press the “X” button to open the screenshot file type menu as seen in the image below.

File type for screenshot on PS5

Step 4:

You can choose whether you prefer to save the screenshots you take on your PlayStation 5 in JPG or PNG format. The JPG format takes up less space on the hard drive but has some quality loss, while the PNG format has higher quality but at the cost of taking up a little more space.

If you do not have space problems on your console, we recommend choosing the PNG format since it is fully compatible with all devices and social networks and you will get higher quality images. Press the “X” button on the remote to confirm the chosen format.

JPG or PNG for screenshot on PlayStation 5

Step 5:

Using the direction buttons on the DualSense controller again, move to the right until you select the screenshot icon in the center, it is the icon that has an old camera and a rectangle. Press the “X” button on your controller to take a screenshot. You will see the screenshot taken previously as a thumbnail on the left side of the screen.

Take screenshot on PlayStation 5

Once the screenshot file format is configured, you can take screenshots on your PS5 without having to pause the game. This will be very useful, for example, for online games or for moments when you can't stop playing.

To take a screenshot without stopping the game on PlayStation 5, press and hold the “share” button that we saw previously in step 1 for a few seconds until you see an icon appear on the screen indicating that the screenshot has been taken.

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