How to delete a contact from Telegram on iPhone

How to delete a contact from Telegram on iPhone

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If there is something annoying about the use of social networks and mobile devices, it is receiving unnecessary notifications and Telegram is an expert in this since it not only sends us a notification but also starts a chat every time a contact has joined Telegram.

That notification sounds and we think that we have received a message but no, a chat has only been opened for the simple fact that one of our contacts has registered on Telegram, this problem can be solved by deactivating notifications, but it is not something desirable anymore. that we want to receive notifications of conversations that are actually happening.

Another of the problems (or advantages) of Telegram is that when deleting a contact from our phone and contact book in the cloud, the contact continues to remain in the Telegram account, that is, the Telegram address book is its own and is saved on the servers. of Telegram, if you add contacts to your calendar you will have to synchronize them with Telegram to add them and if you want to delete them you must delete them from Telegram manually.

Over the years we collect contacts and as time goes by there are contacts that we no longer want to have in our agenda and despite having deleted them from our phone, if they are saved in the Telegram agenda, when they register, a new chat will appear. with his name which is very annoying.

Deleting old or unnecessary contacts is also important to maintain our privacy. By deleting them, they will no longer be able to see our photo or Telegram profile.

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

Step 1:

In order to delete unnecessary contacts from Telegram, the first thing is to open the official application, you can find the application on the home screen or using the application search engine.

Telegram icon on iPhone

Step 2:

When opening Telegram, the normal thing is that the list of conversations that we have started appears, in the lower menu “Chats” will appear selected, “Contacts” will appear on the left, click on this button to continue.

Telegram home screen on iPhone

Step 3:

We will see the list of contacts stored in our Telegram account, look for the contact you want to delete and click on its name to continue.

Telegram Contacts on iPhone

Step 4:

The screen will open to start a new conversation or the last conversation we had with this contact. At the top right, a circle will appear with the profile image of this contact or their initial letter. Click on this image to continue.

Telegram Chat on iPhone

Step 5:

Here we will see the file of this contact in Telegram, remember that it is different from the contact file in your phone's address book, click on “Edit” to continue.

Contact tab on iPhone

Step 6:

At the bottom of the screen we will see a “Delete contact” button. Click on this button to continue with the deletion.

Edit Telegram contact on iPhone

Step 7:

A confirmation message will appear to avoid deleting this contact by mistake. If we are sure of its complete deletion, click “Delete contact”.

Delete Telegram contact on iPhone

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