Convert images to pdf for free and offline

Convert images to pdf for free and offline

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If you want to convert several images to PDF but you do not want or cannot upload them to a website for privacy reasons, I have the solution to convert one or several images to a single PDF file from Windows and also for free and without downloading any program, since we are only going to use the tools included in the operating system.

A few days ago I had the need to create a PDF with several pages scanned from my computer. I remembered online services, such as, that allow you to join, cut, split PDF files and also convert JPG or PNG images to PDF. However, there was a catch: the scanned documents contained medical information and therefore I did not want to upload them to any website, regardless of their popularity or apparent reliability.

It is not advisable to upload confidential files or personal information to a website that cannot guarantee the safe deletion of those files. Even if they promise us that they will be eliminated, we can't trust their word. At any time, the online platform can be hacked and all files downloaded.

As has happened with other websites: if an employee forgets to block the folder where the files are saved from Google crawlers, or a change is made to the source code, your documents will be exposed and visible to anyone .

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

Step 1:

The first thing will be to select all the images that we want to convert into a PDF book. To select several files at the same time in Windows, hold down the “Shift” key on the keyboard and at the same time press the right arrow key. You can also hold down the “Ctrl” key and select each file by clicking with the mouse.

Select multiple images in Windows

Step 2:

Right-click on the selection of JPG or PNG files. In Windows 11, at the bottom of the context menu that appears you will see “Show more options”. Click on this option, in previous versions of Windows continue with the next step.

Right click show more options Windows

Step 3:

More options will be displayed in the context menu, click on “Print”.

Print from Windows context menu

Step 4:

The Windows printing window will open, in “Printer” select “Microsoft Print to PDF” so that instead of being printed by the printer on paper it is printed in PDF. Next, click on “Options” to check that the images are going to be placed vertically and define the paper size, which in this case will not be physical paper but the size of the PDF sheet.

Print images in PDF Windows

Step 5:

In the pop-up window that will appear, we can click on “color management” if we want to create the PDF in black and white or color and we can select the page size and format by clicking on “Printer properties”.

Windows printer properties

Step 6:

In the printer properties we choose the orientation, in this case we have chosen vertical so that it is a PDF with A4 pages in portrait. To modify more size options, click on “Advanced”.

Document properties to print as PDF
To finish, press “OK” to close all the windows and click on the “Print” button, it will ask you to choose the location and name of the PDF file, finally press “Save” and you now have your PDF file created for free, without download any program and maintaining your privacy.

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