Pair headphones with Apple Watch

Pair headphones with Apple Watch

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In the universe of wearable technology, the Apple Watch stands out as a model of functionality and style. But to really take advantage of its potential, especially when it comes to music, podcasts, or even taking calls on the go, you need a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to the Apple Watch.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast who wants to workout without your iPhone or simply someone looking to maximize their Apple Watch experience, pairing headphones is a game-changer.

However, how to establish this seemingly magical connection between your Apple Watch and your favorite headphones? Is the process the same for all types of headphones? And what can you expect once they're paired?

Advantages of pairing headphones with Apple Watch:

- Freedom of movement: Whether you're going for a run, working out at the gym, or just taking a leisurely walk, you can put down your iPhone and continue enjoying your favorite songs or podcasts right from your wrist.

- Hands-free calling: no need to search for your phone; take or make calls directly from your Apple Watch when your headphones are paired.

- Multifunctionality: Many headphones come with built-in controls that can be used to control playback or even answer calls without touching the Apple Watch.


Linking headphones directly to the Apple Watch will make its battery last less, if instead of pairing the headphones to the iPhone we pair it to the Apple Watch we will be using its battery to send the sound to the headphones via Bluetooth.

Estimated time: 3 minutes.

Step 1:

Press inwards on the digital crown of your Apple Watch, the crown is the wheel on the right side of the smartwatch.

By clicking on this wheel we will open the applications menu.

Press Digital crown Apple Watch

Step 2:

Move through the menu of available applications on your Apple Watch to find the “Settings” app, it is the gray icon with a cog icon.

Apple Watch settings icon

Step 3:

Scroll down through the Apple Watch settings by sliding your finger up across the screen until you find the section called “Bluetooth.”

Click on this section to continue.

Apple Watch Bluetooth

Step 4:

If there are paired Bluetooth devices they will appear in this section, if there are headphones in pairing mode that are not yet paired they will also appear listed here.

Tap on the name of your headphones to begin pairing.

Searching Bluetooth devices Apple Watch

Step 5:

A confirmation message will appear that will depend on the type of Bluetooth device. In the case of headphones to play audio, the “Connect” button will appear. Click on this button to connect the Bluetooth headphones to the Apple Watch.

Connect headphones to Apple Watch

If you need to know the instructions to put your headphones in pairing mode, see the “Connect headphones” section, find your headphones and follow the instructions step by step.

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