How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

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Unpairing or unlink an Apple Watch from the iPhone is a topic that, although it may seem simple, is essential to know in certain situations.

The relationship between these two devices is undoubtedly powerful, with Apple offering an integrated experience that few technology manufacturers can match. However, there are times when it is necessary to unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone, either temporarily or permanently.

Why unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone?

Sale or Transfer: If you are thinking of selling your Apple Watch or giving it away, it is essential to unpair it so that the new user can pair it to their own iPhone without problems.

Troubleshooting: Sometimes certain glitches or technical issues can be solved simply by reestablishing the connection between both devices.

Changing iPhone: If you have purchased a new iPhone and want to pair your Apple Watch with it, you will first need to unpair it from your previous iPhone.

To take it for repair: if you are going to take your Apple Watch to be repaired at an official store or an authorized repairer, they will ask you to unlink the watch from the iPhone in order to carry out the repair and test its correct operation once repaired.

Advantages of unpairing or unlink your Apple Watch:

- Privacy: By unpairing, you ensure that your personal information and watch data are not accessible to others, especially if you plan to sell or give away the device.

- Clean Connection: Unpairing and re-pairing can help improve the connection between devices if you face syncing issues.

To unpair the Watch from the iPhone you must keep them close so they can communicate.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step 1:

On your iPhone paired with the Apple Watch, find the "Watch" app and tap to open it.

When you set up the Apple Watch for the first time, this application is automatically installed on your iPhone.

Apple Watch App

Step 2:

At the top of the application a button appears called “All watches”, click on this button to access.

All Watches Apple Watch app

Step 3:

All the Apple Watches that you have linked to this iPhone will appear here, click on the image or tab of the Apple Watch that you want to unlink.

Select Apple Watch

Step 4:

At the bottom of this screen a button with red text will appear with the text “Unpair Apple Watch”, click on this button to continue.

Unpair Apple Watch

Step 5:

A confirmation message will appear to avoid accidentally unpairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

Press “Unpair Apple Watch” again to confirm.

Confirm unpair Apple Watch

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