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How to take screenshots, screen captures and long screenshot

Here you will find instructions to capture the screen of your mobile device with either the Android, iOS, KaiOS, Microsoft, Blackberry or Tizen operating system.

Use the search engine or browse through the devices most searched by users, you will find information on how to take screenshots on your mobile step-by-step and how to save the capture.

A screenshot is a still photo of what appears on the device screen at the time of capture.

Most of today's mobile devices allow you to take a screenshot, both mobile phones and tablets and smartwatches have a method to save what happens on the screen in a still image.

Once the capture has been taken, it is possible to edit it to, for example, crop, flip, underline, include arrows, circles, text or cover personal data. Whether edited or unedited, it is possible to send this image to our contacts or upload it to a social network.