Record screen in Windows

Record screen in Windows

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How to record screen in Windows 10 and Windows 11:

If you need to record a video clip of the screen in the Windows operating system, you will be able to do it without installing anything since Microsoft Windows comes with the possibility of recording the screen in video by default through an application called Xbox Game Bar installed by default in the system.

The main objective of this application, as its name indicates, is to be able to record video game games, but it is possible to use it to record other types of applications and thus be able to make video tutorials or video demonstrations.

First of all, you must bear in mind that it is not possible to record on video through this system the file explorer or the Windows desktop, it is only possible to record the application windows. If you need to record everything that is displayed on the Windows screen, you will need another third-party application.

Xbox Game Bar will only video record what is displayed in a single window or application, if you need to display multiple windows or applications you will have to record them separately and join them using a video editing program later or use another application from third parties that allows you to record all the content or even several screens at the same time.

There are two ways to record screen in Windows: a quick one with the minimum options and a more complete one in which you can select the audio source and even control the sound volume of each application or microphone.

Quick shortcut to record screen in Windows:

1- If you have several screens, place the mouse cursor on the screen you want to record since only the content of one of the screens will be recorded and check that the application or window you want to record is in the foreground.

2- Simultaneously press the Windows, Alt and “r” keys and the screen recording will start.

Keys Windows screen record

3- In the upper right part of the screen the recording timer will appear next to the stop button and a button to activate the microphone recording.

Windows screen recording counter

To stop the recording, press the “Stop” button or press the Windows, Alt and “r” key combination again.

Clip record screen Windows saved

4- You can access the recorded video file from your personal folder > Videos > Captures.

Record screen on Windows with Xbox Game Bar

1- As with the quick method, if you have several screens and several applications open, you must click on the application that you want to record in video to bring it to the foreground since only what appears in that window will be recorded in video.

2- Press Windows key + G simultaneously.

Windows keys record screen

3- Several windows corresponding to the Xbox Game Bar application will appear and will disappear as soon as you start recording or tap anywhere on the screen that is outside of these windows.

If you want to keep any of the windows fixed to control the video recording, click on the “Anchor” button, it is the icon of a pushpin that appears next to the X to close the window.

Fix window record screen Windows

To remove the pin, press Windows + G simultaneously again and click on the “Pin” icon again.

4- From the “Capture” window press the record button, it is the icon that contains a circle inside.

Windows record screen button

If what you want is to capture a still image on the screen, press the capture icon, it is the icon of a photographic camera.

Capture Windows screen image

If you want to record comments through a microphone activate the microphone by pressing the microphone button that appears on the right side of the “Capture” window.

Microphone record screen Windows

From the "Audio" window you can control what sound you want to be saved in the recording, for example you can have background music in Spotify and not be saved in the recording simply by lowering the volume of that application.

Audio window record screen Windows

You can also mute or enhance the system sounds from this window.

5- Once the screen recording is finished, you can see all the video clips by pressing Windows + G simultaneously again and consulting the “Gallery” window of the Xbox Game Bar or clicking on “Show all captures” in the “Capture” window.

Show Windows screen recordings

You can also access the recorded video file from your personal folder > Videos > Captures.

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